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White Selenite Candleholder

CO-SEL42a White Selenite Candleholder. Approximately 3-4.5 inches tall.
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about Selenite:

Chemical Composition:   Ca SO4 . 2H20, Hydrous Calcium Sulfate (gypsum)

Hardness: 1 1/2 - 2

Occurrence: Large selenite "sheets" are found in Utah. Selenite "blades" are found in Mexico, the most well-known location being the "Cave of Swords."  Our selenite is from Morocco and Madagascar. Gypsum is a relatively common mineral, and may be found throughout the world.  Selenite denotes the clear crystal variety that is less common.  Granular, massive gypsum is known as alabaster.  Do not leave selenite in water!  You may rinse selenite with water, but if it is submerged in water for an extended period, it will degrade.

Metaphysical Properties:   Mental clarity, insight, awareness.  In meditation, can be used as a tool to aid in accessing past and future lives, by gently rubbing the stone.  Beneficial to the spinal column and skeletal system, muscular structure, and cellular structure.

Corresponding Astrological Signs:   Taurus

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