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Lemurian Seed Crystals

New Lemurian Seed Crystals


Fluorite crystals

New Fluorite Octahedron Crystals


New Bismuth


New Larimar


New Eudialyte

Septarian Nodules

New Septarian Nodules

Garnet crystals

New Garnet

New Amazonite

Halite crystals

New Halite


New Stromatolite

Botryoidal Hematite

New Botryoidal Hematite


New Azurite and Azurite-Malachite




New Ulexite


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Polished Moonstone with pouch

MS-24 Polished Moonstone. We will include a black velvet storage pouch. Approximately 1.8 inches long (47mmm.) Each on unique.

Polished Crazy Lace Agate with pouch

AG-241 Polished Crazy Lace Agate stone. We will include a black velvet storage pouch. Approximately 1.5 - 2 inches long. Each one unique.

Polished Lepidolite with pouch

LP-42 Polished Lepidolite stones. We include a black velvet storage pouch. approximately 2 inches long. Sold by the each.