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Colombian Emerald in matrix
New Emerald


New Celestite

Lapis Lazuli
New Lapis Lazuli

 Amethyst Crystal specimen

New Amethyst

Quartz Crystal

New Quartz Crystal

Amethyst Geode

New Amethyst Geodes

Quartz Geode
New Quartz Geodes

Agate Geode
New Agate Geodes

New Citrine


 New Obsidian 

Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal
New Aura Quartz

Calcite crystal
New Calcite 

Fluorite crystals
New Fluorite


New Chrysocolla


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Quartz Crystal Bracelet

BC-Q10 Quartz Crystal Bracelet. Very clear, with few inclusions. Nice 15mm beads.