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Tumbled Stones by the half-pound

Tumbled stones sold by the half-pound. You can expect approximately 12-20 pieces per half-pound, depending on stone type.  Size of tumbled stones is approximately .75" - 1.25" depending on stone type. There is always natural variation.

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Tumbled Smoky Quartz by the half-pound

T-SQ2 1/2 pound Tumbled Smoky Quartz.

Tumbled Botswana Agate by the half-pound

T-BA2 1/2 pound Tumbled Botswana Agate. Colors are grey, white, and pink with nice patterns. About 1 inch long.

Tumbled Rose Quartz by the half-pound

T-RQ2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Rose Quartz

1/2 Pound Tumbled Banded Cape Amethyst

T-CAM2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Banded Cape Amethyst

Tumbled Citrine by the half-pound

T-CT2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Citrine

Tumbled Sodalite by the half-pound

T-SO2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Sodalite.

Tumbled Blue Lace Agate 1/2 Pound

T-BLA2 1/2 pound Tumbled Blue Lace Agate.

Tumbled Amazonite by Half Pound

T-AMZ2 1/2 pound of Tumbled Amazonite.

Tumbled Tiger Eye Mix by the half-pound

T-TEMX2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Tiger Eye Mix - an assortment of gold, red, and blue tiger eye.

Tumbled Red Jasper by the half-pound

T-RJ2 Half-Pound Tumbled Red Jasper.

Tumbled Gold Tiger Eye by the half-pound

T-GT2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Gold Tiger Eye.

Tumbled Red Tiger Eye by the half-pound

T-RT2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Red Tiger Eye

Tumbled Blue Tiger Eye by the Half Pound

T-BT2 1/2 Pound of Tumbled Blue Tiger Eye

Tumbled Black Tourmaline

T-BTC2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Black Tourmaline

Tumbled Howlite by the half-pound

T-HO2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Howlite