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Staurolite is also known as the "fairy stone" or "fairy cross" when it occurs in a cross formation.

Metaphysical Properties: Known as a talisman of good luck. Aids relief of stress and depression. Provides connection and balance between the physical, astral, and extra-terrestrial planes.

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Pisces

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Staurolite Specimens

STR-5 Staurolite Specimens from Virginia USA, in cross formation. Approximately 0.5 - 0.65 inches long. These are hand-collected by a gentleman in Virginia, who then polishes the edges.

Staurolite Specimens from Madagascar

Staurolite Specimens from Madagascar. Scroll down details area to make your selection - two sizes to choose from.
From $6.00

Staurolite Specimen

STR-9c Staurolite from Virginia USA, in cross formation. Approximately .5 inch long.