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Sphere Stands

Wooden and metal sphere stands in a wide array of sizes.

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Rotating Wooden Sphere Stand

ACC-26 Rotating Wooden Sphere Stand, accomodates 4-6 inch spheres.

Rotating Wooden Sphere Stand

ACC-25 Rotating Wooden Sphere Stand, accommodates 3-4 inch spheres.

Large Wooden Sphere Stand

ACC-4d Large Wood Sphere Stand - accomodates a 4" sphere.

Onyx Sphere Stand

OX-29 Onyx Sphere Stand from Pakistan. Appropriate for 1.5 - 3 inch sphere. Each one unique in color and pattern. (Sphere not included.)

Large Metal Sphere Stand

ACC-11c Large Metal Sphere Stand, accomodates 2.25 - 3.5 inch spheres and and up to 3 inch long eggs.

Medium Wooden Sphere Stand

ACC-4c Medium Wood Sphere Stand - accomodates a 3" sphere.

Medium Metal Sphere Stand

ACC-11b Medium Metal Sphere Stand, accomodates 2 - 3 inch spheres and and up to 3 inch long eggs.

Small Metal Sphere Stand

ACC-11a Small Metal Sphere Stand, accomodates 1.25-1.5 inch spheres and and up to 2 inch long eggs.

Small Wooden Sphere Stand

ACC-4b Small Wood Sphere Stand - accomodates a 2 inch sphere.

Extra-Small Metal Sphere Stand

ACC-11d Extra-Small Metal Sphere Stand, accomodates little 1.2-1.25 inch (30-32mm) spheres.

Extra Small Wooden Sphere Stand

ACC-4a Extra Small wood Sphere Stand. Accommodates 1.5 inch spheres.