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found in the Karelia area of Russia

hardness: 3.5 - 4

Shungite is said to be around 2 billion years old. It is most likely the result of ancient single cell life, transformed by volcanic heat under water.

Powerful stone of protection, purification, healing, balance, and cleansing. Removes negative energies.

It is one of the only known natural materials known to contain fullerenes, which is said to give it its powerful healing properties.

Shungite is said to absorb and eliminate anything hazardous.

It is said to shield from negative energies and electromagnetic frequencies

Stone of growth, transformation, personal power, cell rejuvenation

Raises vibration, boosts energy, normalizes sleep

Cleanses aura and chakras.

Shungite Stone

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Shungite Sphere

SH-1 Shungite Sphere, a little over 2 inches in diameter.

Shungite Tumbled Stone

SH-2L Shungite Tumbled stone in a large size. Includes storage pouch.

Shungite Tumbled Stone

SH-2M Shungite Tumbled stone in a medium size. Includes storage pouch.

Shungite Tumbled Stone

SH-2S Shungite Tumbled stone in a small size. Includes storage pouch.