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Rough Tanzanite specimen

TZ-79g Rough Tanzanite specimen, 1.9 grams in weight. Each one unique.
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about Tanzanite:

Composition: Tanzanite is the blue form of gem Zoisite, Calcium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide

Hardness: 6.5 - 7

Tanzanite is a relatively recent discovery. The crystal was first discovered in 1967.

Gem-grade specimens will exhibit bichroism or trichroism.

Tanzanite is typically heated to a temperature of 500 degrees fahrenheit, to bring out its rich coloration.

The availabilty of Tanzanite specimens is very limited, and this crystal is coveted by serious collectors.

Location: Tanzania, Africa - the only location in the world where Tanzanite is found. In the Merelani Hills, near Arusha, in the area of Mount Kilamanjaro, in northern Tanzania.

Metaphysical Properties: Protection, safety. Perfect symmetry of personal power and actualization. Brings together all aspects of communication and psychic power. Can be used to stimulate visions of higher spiritual realms.
Healing: Tanzanite has been used to heal misalignment of the spinal column.

Astrological Signs: Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra

Chakras: Throat, Third-Eye, Crown
Pink and Green Tanzanite correspond to the Heart Chakra

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