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Rough Orthoceras Fossil

ORT-24a Rough, Natural Orthoceras Fossils, approximately 2.5 - 3.5 inches long.
SKU: ORT-24a

Orthoceras Fossils

Orthoceras ("straight horn") is a genus of extinct cephalopod
Orthoceras are dated to the lower Ordovician to Triassic ages (500 to 190 million years ago).
They are ancestors to the modern day squid.
The Orthoceras ranged in size from a few inches in length to over six feet. They could swim as well as crawl on the ocean floor. By filling the chambers in their shells with air they could float through the seas propelling themselves by squirting jets of water. As they died their shells accumulated upon the ocean floor, then covered by sediments they transformed into stone over the ages. Our Orthoceras specimens are from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and are dated back to the Silurian Age 400 + million years ago.

Silurian Age, 400 million years old, Morocco.

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