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Rough Material

Rough Stones

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Rough Green Calcite

RM-GRCAL Rough Green Calcite from Mexico. Pieces are approximately 1.25 - 2 inches in size.

Rough Fluorite, higher grade

RM-FL3 Rough Fluorite Material, higher grade. 1 pound bag.

Rough Quartz Material C grade

RM-Q2 Rough Quartz Material. Low grade material, will be more more milky and have more substantial chips than #RM-Q1. Crystals and Clusters in assorted sizes. 1 pound bag.

Rough Blue Apatite by the pound

RM-APT Rough Blue Apatite Material from Madagascar. 1 pound bag.

Fossil Assortment by the half-pound

FS-ASST2 Fossil Assortment, 1/2 pound. Approximately 50+ pieces. Our Fossil Assortment may include fossils such as orthoceras, brachiopod, bivalve, horn coral, crinoid stem, and gastropod. Simply sold by weight. We will include a fossil identification sheet for your reference.

Rough Black Tourmaline by pound

RM-BT Rough Black Tourmaline, sold by the pound.

Rough Amazonite by pound

RM-AMZ Rough Amazonite, sold by the pound.

Rough Smoky Quartz by the Pound

RM-SQ Rough Smoky Quartz Material. 1 pound bag

Rough Lepidolite by pound

RM-LP Rough Lepidolite Material. 1 pound bag.

Assorted Rough by pound

RM-ASST Assorted Rough Material. 1 pound bag.

Iron Pyrite by the pound

RM-IP Rough Iron Pyrite Material. 1 pound

Rough Fluorite, lower grade

RM-FL Rough Fluorite Material, lower grade. 1 pound bag.

Rough Girasol Opal by pound

RM-GOP Rough Girasol Opal, sold by the pound.

Rough Sodalite by the Pound

RM-SO Rough Sodalite by the Pound.

Rough Petrified Wood Material by the pound

RM-PW Rough Petrified Wood Material. 1 pound