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Rough Material

Rough Stones

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Rough Amethyst Crystals by Pound

RM-AM2 Rough Amethyst crystals from Brazil. Assorted sizes. 1 pound bag.

Rough Citrine Crystals by pound

RM-CT2 Rough Citrine crystals, assorted sizes. 1 pound bag.

Rough Quartz Crystals B grade

RM-Q1 Rough Quartz Crystals, B grade, in assorted sizes. Sold by the pound.

Quartz Crystal Clusters by Pound

RM-QC Quartz Clusters, sold by the pound.

Rough Emerald in Matrix by pound

RM-EM Rough Emerald in matrix, sold by the pound.

Small Oco Geodes by the pound

RM-GEO1 Small Oco Geodes from Brazil. Approx. 1.5 - 2.5 inches long, approx. 12-18 geodes per pound. 1 pound bag.

Amethyst Clusters by pound

RM-AM392 Amethyst Clusters sold by the pound. Small sized clusters approximately 1.25 - 1.75 inches long. 1 pound bag.

Small Blue Kyanite by pound

RM-KYBLU Small Blue Kyanite blades sold by the pound.

Fossil Assortment by the pound

FS-ASST1 Fossil Assortment. Approximately 100+ pieces per pound. Our Fossil Assortment may include fossils such as orthoceras, brachiopod, bivalve, horn coral, crinoid stem, and gastropod. Simply sold by weight. We will include a fossil identification sheet for your reference.

Rough Citrine Crystals by half-pound

RM-CT3 Rough Citrine crystals, assorted sizes. 1/2 pound bag.

Rough Amethyst Crystals by Half-Pound

RM-AM3 Rough Amethyst crystals from Brazil. Assorted sizes. 1/2 pound bag.

Mini Oco Geodes by the half-pound

RM-GEO1c Mini Geodes! Sold by the half-pound. Mini Oco Geodes from Brazil. Approximately 1 - 1.5 inches in size.

Rough Tiger Eye by the pound

RM-TE Rough Tiger Eye Material. 1 pound bag.

Rough Amethyst Point Material 1/2 lb

RM-AM3 Rough Amethyst Point Material from Brazil. 1/2 pound bag.

Rough Green Calcite

RM-GRCAL Rough Green Calcite from Mexico. Pieces are approximately 1.25 - 2 inches in size.