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Rough Black Tourmaline Crystals 300g

TC-475A Rough Black Tourmaline Crystals from Brazil. Sold by weight. 300 grams in weight. 4 inches long. Each one unique.
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Chemical Composition: Tourmaline is a complex silicate of boron and aluminum, composition varies. Tourmaline crystals are hexagonal, prismatic crystals that commonly have a rounded triangular cross section, striated lengthwise. Also radiated, columnar, massive.
Colors include blue, green, pink, red, yellow, brown, black, bi-colored, tri-colored, and colorless.
Tourmaline may be found in Brazil, Russia, Burma, Afghanistan, Malagasy Republic, Maine, California.

Hardness: 7 - 7 1/2

Metaphysical Attributes: Inspiration, understanding, confidence. Balances male/female energies and the mind.

Black Tourmaline: Protects against negativity. Encourages intellectual thought, vitality. Corresponds to the root chakra, and the astrological sign of Capricorn.

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