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Mini Double-Term Quartz Crystal 2pk

Q-2265 Mini Double-Term polished Quartz Crystals. Approximately 1.25-1.75 inches long. Good for jewelry making. Sold in packs of 2 for $8
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about Quartz Crystal:

Chemical Compostion: Silicon Dioxide

Hardness: 7

Location: Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. Sand is mostly comprised of quartz; even the dust in the air is high in quartz content. The most well-known form of quartz is clear rock crystal, and it may be found throughout the world. Particularly fine specimens are currently found in Brazil, the United States, the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas, Peru, and Madagascar. The largest single quartz crystal recorded was approximately 20 feet long and weighed more than 48 tons.

Yes, crystals really do vibrate! That is the answer to one of the most commonly asked questions by my customers. To prove my answer, I simply point out the watch on their wrist. Quartz is both piezoelectric and pyroelectric. It is used as oscillators and filters...from radios and televisions, telephone services to high-tech, industrial, and medical equipment...quartz crystal is essential! Crystals are also now grown in the laboratory using a hydrothermal process, because this process yields pure, flawless crystal for oscillator plates.

Even though I am in contact with hundreds of varieties of stones in my business, I am always amazed at and drawn to clear quartz crystal. I find its purity and beauty in its natural form absolutely mesmerizing!

Metaphysical properties: Clear quartz crystal is the universal stone. Everyone should have one! It corresponds to all zodiac signs, and is a pure and powerful energy source. It receives, activates, stores, transmits, and amplifies energy. Stimulates brain functions and activates all levels of consciousness. Excellent for meditation. Brings harmony to the soul.
I have heard of and read many tales associated with the quartz crystal...that the ancient Atlanteans and Lemurians utilized the power of crystals...that a crystal was a main component in the workings of a device used within the great pyramid of Egypt for initiation...abductees reporting the use of crystals by aliens.

There are many peculiar and rare formations of quartz crystals which have specific metaphysical properties, but I do not have enough room in my website to cover them all! We will offer such crystals upon availability, and their properties will be outlined.


* Natural Quartz Crystals direct from the ground will have chips. This is normal.

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