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Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a fossil. When all the organic materials of the original wood are replaced by minerals over time, while it retains its original structure, it becomes petrified. Wood becomes petrified when under sediment, and the flow of ogygen is blocked off. As water seeps into the sediment, it deposits minerals that gradually replace the orignal wood. "Petro" comes from the Greek meaning "rock" or "stone" - thus, meaning "wood turned to stone." All the original features of the wood are still evident once petrified. Evidence of the tree rings, bark, and wood tissues can be seen. Sometimes the minerals that replace the wood can create beautiful colors, and sometimes small druzy cavities are present. In some areas, entire forests have been petrified, and become known as petrified forests. Petrified wood can be found in various locations throughout the world. One of the most well-known preserved petrified forests is in Arizona, USA. Argentina and Indonesia also have a excellent locations where entire trees have been petrified.

Petrifed wood will commonly have cracks, just like regular wood.

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60mm Petrified Wood sphere

PW-75 Petrified Wood sphere, approx. 2.5 inches (60mm) in diameter. Each one unique. Stand sold separately.

50mm Petrified Wood Sphere

PW-20 Petrified Wood Sphere, approximately 2 inches (50 mm) in diameter. Each one unique - patterns and colors vary. Sphere stand sold separately.

Petrified Wood Specimen PW-71

Petrified Wood from Indonesia

Petrified Wood Specimen PW-72

Petrified Wood from Indonesia

Petrified Wood Specimen PW-73

Petrified Wood from Indonesia

Rough Petrified Wood Material by the pound

RM-PW Rough Petrified Wood Material. 1 pound

Tumbled Petrified Wood

Tumbled Petrified Wood. Sold by weight - see under details area to make your selection.
From $8.00