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Other Fossils

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50mm Oyster Shell Fossil Sphere

FS-170 Oyster Shell Fossil Sphere in a 50mm (approx. 2 inch) size.

Fossilized Turtle Scute

FS-188 Fossilized Scute (shell portion) of a Tortoise or Turtle, various species represented. From the Pleistocene Age (15,000 years old.) Approx. 2.25 - 2.5 inches long. Each one unique.

Fossilized Horn Coral

FS-200 Fossilized Horn Coral. Approximately 1-2 inches long. Coral of the order Rugosa first appeared during the Ordovician Period, which began 488 million years ago; the Rugosa persisted through the Permian Period, which ended 251 million years ago.

Brachiopods Fossils

FS-205 Brachiopod Fossils. Approx. 1 - 1.25 inches long. At the end of the Paleozoic, some 250 million years ago, they were decimated in the worst mass extinction of all time, the Permo-Triassic event. Their numbers have never been as great since that time.

Coral Fossil

FS-226 Coral Fossil. Approx. 1-2.5 inches long. Sold as a pack of 3 specimens. The oldest coral fossils are over 500 million years old. The earliest forms were different from those we see today and they died out 225 million years ago. Modern corals are still common in tropical oceans.

Gastropod (Snail Shell) Fossils

FS-227 Small Gastropod Fossils (snail shells.) Approximately 0.5-0.75 inches long. Pack of 4 for $3.95

Tumbled Turitella

Tumbled Turitella available individually or by weight. Make your selection below the details area.
From $2.00