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Metaphysical Properties: Balancing, intuition,discernment. Feminine, lunar energy. Good for female reproductive system. Also has been used for protection during travel, and to bring good fortune.

Chakras: Moonstone cleanses negativity from the Chakras.

Astrological Signs: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio.



Polished Moonstone with pouch

MS-24 Polished Moonstone. We will include a black velvet storage pouch. Approximately 1.8 inches long (47mmm.) Each on unique.
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Tumbled Moonstone by the pound

T-MN1 One-Pound Tumbled Moonstone

Tumbled Moonstone by the half-pound

T-MN2 1/2 Pound Tumbled Moonstone.

Moonstone Woven Bracelet

BC-MN2 Moonstone Woven Bracelet.

36" Multi Moonstone Necklace

BD-MN2 Multi Moonstone Necklace, 36 inches long.

18" Multi Moonstone Necklace

BD-MN18 Multi Moonstone Necklace, 18 inches long.

Individual Tumbled Moonstone

Tumbled Moonstone sold by the each.

Tumbled Moonstone

Tumbled Moonstone
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