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Meteorite Set

MT-SET1 Set of 3 meteorite specimens from around the world, in collector's box with glass face.
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Set of 3 meteorite specimens from around the world, in collector's box with glass face.
Set includes:

#1. Stony Iron Meteorite from the Sahara Desert in Morocco
These meteorites are gathered by nomads. Shifting sands unearthed many meteorites that were buried on impact.
Meteorite falls occurred between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago. These stone chondrite meteorites have limited rust due tot he dry desert conditions.

#2. Campo del Cielo Meteorite from Argentina
Campo del Cielo means "field of the heaveans."
Found 1576 by the Spanish, actual fall estimated at 4000-6000 years ago.
Type: Iron based meteorite.

Pieces range in size from grains of sand up to 35 tons.

#3. Sikhote-Alin Meteorite from Russia
Nickel-Iron Meteorite, Coarsest Octahedrite
(pronounced "shikota-aleen")
These meteorites are from a rare actual witnessed fall. On February 12, 1947 people in eastern Siberia witnessed the largest single meteorite fall. Over 23 tons of material showered the area. This meteorite displays regmaglypts, thumbprint-like depressions, and has ragged, twisted and distorted surfaces. This occurred because the meteorite broke up at a rather low altitude and was not subjected to the intense ablation that would have smoothed its surface.

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