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A Merkaba is a star tetrahedron consisting of two interpenetrating three-sided pyramids that form a three-dimensional star of David. It links the mind, heart, and body to produce the Merkaba effect, an energy field. In Hebrew, the term means "chariot." In the eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt, it meant MER (rotating fields of light), KA (spirit), and BA (soul). The Merkaba activates the protective love of the universe and awakens, heals, and transforms on the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels. It is a powerful symbol in what is known as sacred geometry.

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Obsidian Merkaba 3 inch

OB-77 Obsidian Merkaba, 3 inch size.

Obsidian Merkaba

MKB-8 Obsidian Merkaba, 2 inch size.

Quartz Crystal Merkaba

MKB-6c Quartz Crystal Merkaba, approx. 1.75 inches.

Quartz Crystal Geometry Set

Q-544 Small geometric shapes cut from high grade Quartz Crystal. Comes with box.

Quartz Crystal Merkaba Pendulum

Q-1034 Quartz crystal Merkaba Pendulum. Includes black velvet storage pouch.

Quartz Crystal Merkaba Necklace

MKB-13 Quartz Crystal Merkaba Necklace with 24 inch silver plated chain. Quartz crystal is the universal stone. It is a pure and powerful energy source. Stimulates brain functions and activates all levels of consciousness. Excellent for meditation. Brings harmony to the soul. Opens the Crown chakra.

Quartz Crystal Merkaba Pendant

MKB-1 Quartz Crystal Merkaba pendant on 18 inch silver plated chain.

Mini Quartz Crystal Merkaba

Q-683 Mini Quartz Crystal Merkaba Approximately .75 - .85 inches.