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Lingam Stone

From India, found in the Narmada River, a tributary to the Ganges River.
Lingams can be anywhere from less than an inch in size to well over 1 foot long.

Composition: natural local stone of the Narmada River, including Jasper (Silicon Dixide) with impurities, basalt, iron deposits, etc.
Hardness: 7

Also known as Shiva Lingam. Also spelled Lingham. Known by the Indians as a stone of the Kundalini. Awakens the major energy centers of the chakras, from the base to crown. Balances male (yang) energy.

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Lingam stone

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Carved Lingam Stone

LG-36b. Carved Lingam Stone, with seated Buddha. approx. 6 inches long. This is a one-of-a-kind item - you will receive the actual item in this main image. Once sold, it is gone, and you cannot order multiples.

Lingam Stone 6 inch

LG-29 Lingam Stone from India. approx. 6 inches long and over 2 pounds in weight. Each one unique.

Lingam Stone 4.5 inch

LG-10 Lingam Stone, approx. 4.5 inches long. Each one unique.

Lingam Stone 4 inch

LG-10a Lingam Stone, approx. 4 inches long. Each one unique.

Lingam Stone 3-3.5 inch

LG-10b Lingam Stone, approximately 3-3.5 inches long. Each one unique.

Lingam Stone 2.75 inch

LG-11a Lingam Stone, approximately 2.75 inches long. Each one unique.

Lingam Stone 2.25-2.5 inch

LG-12 Lingam Stone, approximately 2.25-2.5 inches long. Each one unique.

Mini Lingam Stone

LG-14 Mini Lingam stones from India, about 1 inch long. Each one unique.