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Large Dream Catcher

MIS-4 Dream Catcher, with quartz crystal point. Dream Catcher is about 12 inches in diameter.
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Mini Good Fortune Turtle

FSH-43 The Chinese believe that the turtle has the secret of heaven and of earth within its body. The turtle is the symbol of longevity. The shell of the turtle represents protection of your home. The turtle is perched atop money - symbol of wealth. Cast in resin, with a rosewood finish, 1.5" long.

Pink Tourmaline in matrix Stones

TC-496B Pink Tourmaline in matrix polished stones from Madagascar. 2.35 - 2.4 inches long, .19-.24 pound in weight.

Meditation Incense

Darshan Meditation Incense from India. 8 sticks in box.

Medium Metal Sphere Stand

ACC-11b Medium Metal Sphere Stand, accomodates 2 - 3 inch spheres and and up to 3 inch long eggs.
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