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Kids Corner

rocks for kids

Rock Collection Sets
kid's rock collection sets
Educational rock collection sets. Rock classification, hardness scale, volcanic rock sets and more...start your collection today!

Individual Specimens
crystals and rocks for kids
Select individual specimens to add to your rock collection! And all at kid prices! An information label is included with each stone.

geodes for kids
A kids' favorite! Real geodes that you can break open yourself to reveal the crystals inside! Plus agate and oco geodes from Brazil.

trilobite fossils
Millions of years old.....from extinct species such as trilobites and orthoceras, to shark teeth and amber with bugs! 

Volcanic Rocks
volcanic rock set for kids
Learn about the great volcanoes of the earth and the rocks that they produce. 

real meteorites for kids
Real iron-nickel based and silica based meteorites from locations around the world. Own a rock from outer space!

powerful hematite magnets
Poweful magnet sets and stones. Natural magnetic lodestone with metal filings to demonstrate the properties of magnetism!

little pouches for your rocks and crystals
Accessories for the young rock collector. Nice little velvet pouches to hold your stones and more.