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Individual Small Oco Geode

GEO-1 Interesting little geodes from Brazil, no two alike. Already sliced open with a polished edge. About 1.5 -2 inches wide. Sold by the each.


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Small Amethyst Clusters 2.5 inch

AM-412b Small Amethyst Clusters, approximately 2.5 inches long.
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AMZ-54 Amazonite rough, cut one side. Approximately 1.25 - 1.5 inches long. Each one unique.

Agate/Quartz Geode

GEO-AG155 Agate/Quartz Geode from Brazil. 2.3 inches wide. This is a one-of-a-kind item - you will receive the actual item in photo. Once sold, it is gone, and you cannot order multiples.

Fire Agate Specimens

AGF-17c Fire Agate from Mexico, natural rough specimens. These are not polished. We simply rub pure mineral oil on the surface - we suggest you also rub with mineral oil to retain the sheen and protect the stone. Approximately 1.25 inches long. Each one unique. Sold by the each.