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Gobi Desert Agate with Pouch

AG-235 Gobi Desert Agate with Buddha carving. Carry with you as a talisman of wisdom and protection. 2 inches long. Little velvet storage pouch included. This will also have a tassel attached when you receive it, not shown in photo. This is a one-of-a-kind item - once sold, it is gone.
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Natural Agate from the Gobi Desert, Inner Mongolia

Sometimes the most amazing energy can come from the most unexpected places. These little unassuming stones are delightful. These natural Agates, hand collected in the Gobi Desert, have a positive, subtly complex energy. For those of you into the essence of stones, and not just their appearance, I think you, too will be delighted. These stones are just as they were found - they are not polished or tumbled. Their smooth feel is the result of ages of sand particles in the wind, water, and glacial movement.