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Lemurian Seed Crystal 0.10-0.12

LM-643F Lemurian Seed Crystal, approximately 0.10-0.12 pounds in weight, and about 1.75-2.75 inches long. long. Each one unique.
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about Lemurian Seed Crystals:

These crystals were found on the top of a hill that was to be mined for quartz. They were found in sand, independently of eachother - not as clusters. My impression of these crystals has been that they are a poweful feminine energy source - feminine in the context of unconditional love and healing of mother earth. They have been found at a time when universal love and the ultimate connection to all that is is essential for our survival and progression. These are very important crystals, with an important message for us. They are here to help us evolve into divine consciousness, connect with the universal spirit, and to attain awareness that we must start the healing process now. Their love energy is amazing and beautiful. It is said these crystals were seeded by the Lemurians.

Lemurians are coveted crystals that are difficult to come by. We only get them once or twice a year.
These are natural crystals - they will have chips evident.
Photos are representative.

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