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Archaen Butterstone

BTS-1 Archaen Butterstone, approximately 2 inches in size. Comes boxed with information.

Archaen Butterstone

Archaen Butterstone exhibits evidence of the earliest forms of life on earth, in the form of micro fossils of blue green algae stromatolites. These specimens date to over 2500 million years old - long before dinosaurs roamed the earth. From the Greenstone Belt of Souh Africa.

Metaphysical Properties: Grounding, hope, healing, perserverance, resilency, stability, connection to life.These stones hold the energy of the most ancient life on earth. Promotes perseverance, strength, stability, connection to life. The stone has a "warm" feeling, and is very smooth to the touch on its polished surfaces. Very pleasant to hold and rub - you will see why it's referred to as "buttery."

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