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Blue Kyanite specimen

KY-230 Blue Kyanite with Quartz specimen, from Brazil. Pretty little piece that looks like a Kyanite sandwich! 2 inch long, 24 grams in weight. This is a one-of-a-kind specimen - once sold, it is gone, and you cannot order multiples.
SKU: KY-230
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Chemical Composition: Kyanite is aluminum silicate
Hardness: lengthwise 4-5, crosswize 6-7
Kyanite is a Splintery translucent to transparent bladed crystal.

Metaphysical Properties: Kyanite is one of only two stones which never need cleansing or clearing. Kyanite is a stone of attunement. Good for communication, mental awareness. Stimulates psychic awareness. Excellent for meditation and dream recall.

Corresponding Astrological Signs: Taurus, Libra, Aries

Chakras: Kyanite aligns all chakras automatically and immediately. Also used for opening the chakras.
Blue Kyanite is also excellent for use specifically on the throat and third-eye chakras.
Green Kyanite corresponds to the Heart Chakra.
Black Kyanite corresponds to the Root Chakra.
Orange Kyanite corresponds to the Sacral Chakra.

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