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We will post items for sale that may be chipped, damaged, or "B-C" grade...also overstock and package deals. 
If you're a bargain hunter, you'll want to check out this page frequently, because it changes at will!
(Items on the bargain basement page are non-returnable.)
(pendulums posted on the bargain basement page will not include a pouch.)

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Quartz Crystals 0.65-0.78lb

BB-1052B Quartz Crystals from Brazil, 0.65-0.78 pounds in weight, about 4 - 4.5 inches long. $11 each

Quartz Crystals 0.51-0.57lb

BB-1052 Quartz Crystals from Brazil, 0.51-0.57 pounds in weight, about 4 - 4.5 inches long. $9 each

BB Sodalite Egg 45mm

BB-1038 Sodalite Egg, 45mm (about 1.85 inches) long.

BB Tiger Iron Egg

BB-1055 Tiger Iron Egg, about 1.85 inches long.

Calcite by the Pound

BB-1057 Calcite by the pound, from Mexico. Green, yellow, coloration.

Rough Petrified Wood Material by the pound

BB-RMPW Rough Petrified Wood Material. 1 pound

BB Display Selenites 4 inch

BB-SEL61 Small display Selenite from Morocco, bottom cut so they stand up. About 4 inches tall.