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Apophyllite on Matrix

AP-471B Apophyllite specimens on matrix, from India. Approximately 3 - 3.5 inches long.
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Composition: hydrous calcium potassium fluorsilicate, often with small amount of nickel and iron
Hardness: 4.5 - 5

Metaphysical Properties: connection between physical and spiritual. Universal love, perfection. Facilitates astral travel and seeing into the future. Chakras: third eye, crown
Astrological Signs: Libra and Gemini


The Zeolites are a group of related hydrous tectosilicate minerals, popular among collectors, that commonly occur in cavities in basic igneous rocks, especially vesicular basalt. They contain water in microscopic channels within a framework of aluminum silicate units; the water can be driven off (by heat) or replaced without altering the structure of the zeolite minerals. Zeolites include apophyllite, stilbite, heulandite, prehenite, scolecite, among others.

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