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35mm and Smaller Spheres

Small Stone Spheres

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Mini Ruby Spheres

RB-30d 18mm Ruby Sphere from India, 13-14 grams, approximately .7 inch (18mm) in diameter.

Small Quartz Crystal Spheres with Pouch

Q-2018 Quartz Crystal Spheres, approx. 1.2 inches (30mm) in diameter. These would make a great introductory gift to crystals. We will include a small velvet storage pouch with each sphere.

Mini Smoky Quartz Spheres

SQ-95 Tiny Smoky Quartz Spheres, about .75 inches in diameter.

Mini Quartz Crystal Spheres

Q-2016 Mini Quartz Crystal Spheres, 20mm in diameter.

Mini Rose Quartz Spheres

RQ-78 Mini Rose Quartz Sphere, .75 inches (20mm) in diameter.